T-cell immunology postdoc position available in Oslo, Norway

A postdoc position is available for up to 3 years in the group of Ludvig Sollid at University of Oslo/Oslo University Hospital. The postdoc will work with T cells in the human condition celiac disease, particularly cells located in Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissues (GALT).  The group has established convenient tools, including HLA-DQ:gluten tetramers, than will be used to study culprit gluten-specific CD4+ T cells. Relevant analytic tools in the project include advanced flow cytometry and single cells sequencing. Recent papers from the group includes Risnes et al, J Clin Invest 2018, PMID: 29757191; Christophersen et al, Nat Med 2019, PMID: 30911136; Christophersen et al, Adv Sci 2022, PMID: 3511922. The successful candidate should have a background in immunology (preferably cellular immunology) and have practical experience with cell culture and flow cytometry.

Interested persons, please contact Prof Sollid at +47 23073811 or l.m.sollid@medisin.uio.no.