Treg cell Lab

Group Leader
Giuseppe Matarese


Istituto di Endocrinologia ed Oncologia Sperimentale

Via Sergio Pansini, 5 Ed.19 Corpi Bassi Sud, 80131 NA
Tel. +39 0817463602

Membri del Laboratorio

Mario Galgani (Ricercatore Universitario, associato allo IEOS-CNR),

Claudio Procaccini (Ric. III livello),

Fortunata Carbone (Ric. III livello),

Claudia La Rocca (Ric. III livello),

Maria Teresa Lepore (CNR Fellow),

Sara Bruzzaniti (CNR Fellow),

Silvia Garavelli (CNR Fellow),

Clorinda Fusco (PhD Student),

Alessandra Colamatteo (Assegnista UNINA),


The Laboratory of Prof. Matarese has focused, over the last 15 years, on the study of the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate the basic principles of immunological tolerance and how the immune system is able to discriminate the self – from non-self. We also have an increasing interest in the understanding of the relationship among immune system, metabolism and inflammation both in normal conditions and autoimmune diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Type I Diabetes (T1D). In these processes, the biology of regulatory T cells, a specific cellular subset involved in the control of immunological tolerance, is one of the cornerstones of investigation in our laboratory. We also study the main intracellular metabolic pathways and the molecular programs needed for the generation of functional Tregs cells in physiological as well as pathological conditions.

Principali progetti e collaborazioni

More recently we are interested in the study of novel immunometabolic therapeutic approaches, such as the calorie restriction (CR) for the treatment of autoimmunity and for the control of infection susceptibility.

Strumenti / Tecnologie