Cellular and Genomic Methodologies Laboratory

Group Leader
Giusi I. Forte


Istituto di Bioimmgini e Fisiologia Molecolare
Sede di Cefalu
C/Da Pietrapollastra-Pisciotto, 90015, Cefalù

Membri del Laboratorio

Luigi Minafra luigi.minafra@ibfm.cnr.it

Valentina Bravatà valentina.bravata@ibfm.cnr.it

Francesco P. Cammarata francesco.cammarata@ibfm.cnr.it


Our research focus concerns Radiobiology, then we are interested in issues concerning the immune response activation induced by ionizing and non-ionizing radiations, as well as innovative therapeutic combinations of Radio- / Immuno- Therapies.

Strumenti / Tecnologie

The “Cellular and Genomic Methodologies Laboratory”  is equipped with instruments in the field of genomics and cell biology, including the nucleic acids extractor “Maxwell 16 CE-IVD” (Promega), the “3500 Dx Genetic Analyzer CE –IVD” (Applied Biosystems), the platform for microarray analysis “Agilent G2505B”, and a room dedicated to the isolation and maintenance of cell cultures (immortalized and primary lines lines).