Biocomputing pEptide Analytical Microsystems (BEAM)
Lab Micro-analytical Division

Group Leader
Marina Cretich


Istituto di Chimica del Riconoscimento Molecolre

Via Mario Bianco, 9
20131 Milan, Italy
Tel. +39 02 285.000.20

Membri del Laboratorio

  • Marcella Chiari
  • Laura Sola
  • Francesco Damin


The Biocomputing pEptide Analytical Microsystems (BEAM) Lab at ICRM-CNR is the result of a shared vision between three distinct research teams within the institute operating in the field of immunology at different levels. The micro-analytical division develops bio-chemical tools and strategies to deliver new antibody/protein/peptide based bioassays  for circulating protein biomarkers and to advance immunodiagnostics. The lab has an internationally recognized expertise in polymer chemistry, surface modification of miniaturized analytical systems and nanoparticles, DNA, protein and peptide microarrays, development of innovative bioassays, capillary and microchip electrophoresis. The group produces high-sensitivity fluorescence microarrays and also applies its methods to diverse analytical platforms, from ELISA and SPR to rapid tests, focusing on many clinical needs including exosome analysis by EV (Extracellular vesicles) arrays; infectious diseases, inflammation, autoimmunity and allergy. The group has a consolidated know-how on antibody screening and validation of clinical tests

Strumenti / Tecnologie

Complete platform for in-house development and production of fluorescence microarrays (piezoelectric spotter Scienion S12, two laser scanners, incubation stations, interferometric set up for quantification of immobilized probes).  Instrumentation for slab gel, capillary and microchip electrophoresis, basic equipment for molecular biology and protein biochemistry. Nanosight – NTA (Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis) System

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